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Matthew Grabowski

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Matthew Grabowski has been a part of Special Olympics since 2010. Matt participates in a wide variety of sports including basketball, bowling, floor hockey, soccer and softball.

Of these, basketball is his favorite because he has the most memories with this sport. Matt is an energetic and determined individual and is always talking sports: from what the next play will be, how to improve a skill, or how the Eagles are doing.

His coaches saw this drive and leadership and in 2016, he was asked to serve on Philadelphia’s Athlete Leadership Committee to help improve training sites, competitions in Philadelphia and elsewhere. As part of this committee, Matt makes suggestions to program managers and is involved in solutions to make all aspects of the program better for athletes.

With Matt’s experience in attending competitions ranging from the local to national level and fundraising events, Matt is an expert on how events should run and often gives great suggestions that are implemented.

About Me:

Special Olympics is a global movement that unleashes the human spirit through the transformative power and joy of sports, every day around the world. We empower people with intellectual disabilities to become accepted and valued members of their communities, which leads to a more respectful and inclusive society for all.


See this video story about Matthew's local Honorary ESPY award.
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