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Virginia Wade

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A longtime athlete who joined a ski team when she was 8, Virginia Wade skis every weekend in winter while also training in gymnastics six to 12 hours a week.

That’s on top of homework and high school. A fierce competitor, Virginia competed in the 2017 World Winter Games; yet competition is not what drives her. She’s simply doing what she loves, whether it’s tumbling in gymnastics or carving turns in snow.

As an athlete, Virginia pushes herself to improve, but doesn’t get nervous when competing or upset when she falls. Instead, she uses a steady approach that has guided her entire life: “I get back up.”

The same drive motivates Virginia as a gymnast with the Roosevelt High School team. Her also determination propelled her during a 1,589-mile, seven-month hike on the Appalachian Trail, which she did with her family at age 12 (while wearing a pink tutu, just because).

She’s currently training as a hopeful for the 2018 USA Games in gymnastics.

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