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Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day, Turkmenistan

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From 22 to 26 September 2012, Special Olympics Turkmenistan held hockey competitions in the modern sports complex school in Abadan to celebrate Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day. Specifically for this occasion major events were conducted with participation by Special Olympics Turkmenistan athletes from different regions, coaches, volunteers, members of family programs, Unified Partners, with a special guest appearance by representatives of the City of Abadan, sponsors, and others. The event was covered by the media, as well as SOT volunteer correspondents. There were a total of more than 140 participants. The event was organized by Special Olympics Turkmenistan, Municipality of Abadan, a sports school in Abadan and the Sports Committee of Abadan. Competitions were held in the modern sports complex in Abadan school. The purpose of this event was to express deep respect and remember Eunice Kennedy Shriver. During the opening ceremony much was said about the activities of Mrs. Shriver. The participants at the event were students and graduates of the Auxiliary boarding schools , representing different regions of the SOT: Akhal, Balkansk, Lebapsk. Competitions were held in a friendly atmosphere, with the cheers of the fans, and the team has been quite active and demonstrated a strong desire to win. Based on the results of the final matches, Special Olympics athletes from Akhal region won, athletes from Balkansk region took the 2nd place and 3rd place went to Lebapsk region. The closing ceremony ended with memorable speeches about Eunice Kennedy Shriver by the guests of honor, the organizers of the tournament, and the participants of competition. Everyone received memorable certificates of participation.

About Me:

To me as an employee of SO Turkmenistan it was a very nice event. Thanks to all the participants of this event!