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Europe is Getting Ready to Dance

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SOEE Fitness and Dance seminar participants during one of the practical sessions in Warsaw in November 2017.

Special Olympics Europe Eurasia is putting on its dance shoes to start a new chapter! Warsaw hosted the first ever regional fitness and dance seminar in Europe Eurasia in November. 24 participants from Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Latvia, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Estonia, Poland, Romania, San Marino, Slovenia, Ukraine and Ireland attended the seminar. Special Olympics Poland President and wife of Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski, Anna Lewandowska kicked off the event. Theoretical and practical sessions were conducted to introduce dance as a future sport in Special Olympics. Special Olympics International Dance-Sport Advisor Pierre Gider said “dance is a phenomenal tool for therapy, fun and inclusion. I’m sure Special Olympics athletes will love dancing and enjoy the many benefits as soon as they get started. Upon the sessions, all participants shared their excitement to develop at least one dance or fitness activity in their programmes upon return to their home countries.

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