In memory of Angela

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My sister, Angela Marie Greene
My sister, a special olympics athlete and the light of our lives, passed on this past summer. In memory of her inspirational life I wrote a song "Angela" titled by her name. Angela Marie Greene was severely handicapped in our way of thinking but lived a life of significance. Upon her passing I contemplated the meaning of her life. I thought about how her death would bring so many people together and wondered at the power of her life, the fact that many who would never even be in the same room together because of various family disputes, would in fact be together to pay their respects. As I pondered her incredible influence I arrived at this conclusion- Angela was the one person among all us "normal" people who knew how to love unconditionally. She greeted everyone with a hug and never knew what a "grudge" was! Her heart was pure and she was innocent of wrong doing. Special Olympics was always something she looked forward to, and a blessing to our family, thank you for all you do.

About Me:

I am a music professional- orchestra conductor, recording artist, instructor, guitarist, composer and arranger; the executive director of GreeneHouse Ministries at I have been playing music professionally since the early eighties and am still very active; attended Berklee College of Music and NCCentral Unicersity, receiving a masters from Bowling Green State University.


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