Joining Special Olympics

I have a daughter with Down Syndrome who has been a Special Olympics gymnastics athlete for 6 years. Gymnastics is often considered dangerous, but with appropriate support, it’s one of the best Special Olympics sports.

At the age of four, she started gymnastics among kids without disabilities. But it took longer to acquire skills, and soon she was among kids younger than her. When she started SO gymnastics, she was first put in environments where ages didn’t matter. SO programs ask athletes to take challenge while learning basic social skills. She now falls from the balance beam less often, which shows her conquest of fear. Every athlete improves because coaches never overlook the small advances and give great advice.

Some say activities among people with disabilities aren't just good, but they help people learn through accepting those with different disabilities from their own. Gymnastics is a good gross movement sport for those who’re good at learning by imitating others. I hope many more athletes can enjoy gymnastics with more coaches.

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