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Just Another Girl

I have a friend named Elsie. She loves to dance and play games. She loves to do her hair and paint her nails. She likes to quote Disney movies and sing in the car. She has lots of friends and loves to invite them over. Elsie's favorite food is Chinese and she loves to stay at hotels. She has just turned 15 and I helped to plan a great big party for her and all of her friends to enjoy. But Elsie is special and has been asked to deal with Down syndrome AND autism in her life. This doesn't mean she is lesser than you or I, she was just given different challenges in this life. The R-Word is an extremely derogatory and demeaning word. I fight as much as I can to keep it out of the halls at my school to save my friend from any sort of prejudice against her. In the end, she's more of an angel than any of us could ever be.

About Me:

My name is Taryn and I am 16 years old. Elsie's parents were given a grant by the state to employ one caretaker to help with their Down Syndrome and Autistic daughter. I couldn't think of a better job in the entire world. I love her as my sister and wish to protect her from any reckless verbal abuse that I can.