Keiran is an Aussie Champion

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Keiran is also an Athlete Ambassador and spoke live on national SKY News prior to the Opening Ceremony. Photo: Phillip Wittke.
21-one year-old Kieran Corry is a true-blue Aussie athlete who loves to swim and hang out with his mates. He’s been in the pool since he started lessons at the age of two, and as a northern NSW local he was extremely excited to be selected for the Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games so he could swim for Australia in front of family, friends and fans. Despite a disappointing disqualification in his first event, Keiran refocused and went on to medal in each of his other races including gold in the 800m freestyle, one of his favourite events. Despite many years of swimming, Keiran described these Games as ‘one of the best ever’ as the team have really bonded and everyone from all the other countries have been so friendly too!’ Kieran was one of the members of the I’m a Champion campaign. Check out his pre-Games words of wisdom at the link below

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