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Athlete Health Corner: Meet Danny Grau, Part 2

This is the second part of Danny's story from the perspective of Jamie Valis. Jamie is the manager of three Healthy Athlete disciplines at Special Olympics also serves as a volunteer for a local program in Maryland. I first met Danny on a cold day at the Special Olympics Maryland state soccer championships. I quickly realized Danny not only has a love for the weather and wearing shorts all year round, but also for healthy eating. In the last year, Danny’s love of healthy food has been confirmed as I heard him tell his teammates about the benefits of a vegan diet or the healthy snack he found at the grocery store.

Danny not only lives a healthy lifestyle through his eating habits and busy Special Olympics sports schedule, but he also is a regular at his community pool and fitness center. Spending at least an hour a day swimming laps or walking on the treadmill, Danny has been dedicated to his healthy lifestyle. On the field I have witnessed his increased speed and endurance in basketball. I’m confident this was helpful in his team winning the gold medal this year and being selected for USA Games 2018. Danny’s drive to be healthy and “keep it real” is a true inspiration to me.