Misshapen (Poem)

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They open the box and

Begin to piece the puzzle.

What is found?

But a misshapen piece

that does not belong.

Some would throw said piece aside,

Like a piece of scrap paper.

Others would pretend –

Force it to be what it is not.

They however,

were brave, determined.

Spent a lifetime

Designing a new puzzle to

Fit the outcast that was –

The misshapen piece.

About Me:

I was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder when I was nine years old, soon after my baby brother was diagnosed with autism. Inspired by my brother I became a unified partner my freshman year of high school and I will be forever thankful that I did. Unified sports and classes was where I belonged. It was the one place I felt I belonged. I used the metaphor, puzzle piece, in "'Misshapen" referring to autism. Though, I believe that it applies to Special Olympics and the Unified program as a whole. It's a whole new puzzle specifically designed for people like me, my brother, the friends I have made in the Unified program, and anyone else who feels misshapen. I now know that being misshapen is not a bad thing. It's just different.