My Hero- Robert Cruz

Robert is my younger brother and he was born with Down syndrome. At age 25, he suffered a car accident and was left paralyzed from his waist down. This has been 26 years ago. Robert is my hero because he has not let his mental or physical needs keep him from being a caring loving and giving person. He sees the world with love and never begrudges that fact that he can't walk. He adapted to his wheelchair and stays active. He works 4 hours a day in a government job and participates in Special Olympics. He is always happy and upbeat, he makes me realize how lucky I am and special he is. He texts me every day and we talk on the phone every Sunday. The world should learn from people like Robert, he doesn't see color, race, age, pretty, skinny, fat he loves all people and is always positive about life and God. Robert lives in New Mexico and travels to Dallas to visit and spend the holidays with my husband and I. We are family.

About Me:

My name is Teresa Cruz Lynd, I am the sister to Robert Cruz. I have volunteered to the Special Olympics for the past 26 years and I love and support Robert. I am married to a wonderful man, Vernon Lynd. I work in the education field. I work with students.