For me my life changing experience was the Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games in Newcastle, and being a part of a group of volunteers who were passionate about being involved in this event. It was the first time I was involved, and the management team and volunteers made my experience memorable. Meeting the athletes, support staff and families was an experience in itself. I took every opportunity to be involved, from the welcome ceremony to the closing ceremony, and was honoured to be involved with the Bocce event on the help desk. I was in a prime location and everyone had to go past me to enter the venue. Working with such a passionate group of people was the icing on the cake for me and I will always have fond memories and am looking forward to the next time I can assist such a worthwhile organization. Thanks for the opportunity to shine and show my administration skills that I gained through my further training. All the best from the GOOD NEWS VOLLIE ALEX

About Me:

Am a passionate volunteer for non profit organisations and attempt to be involved with organisations who may need administration volunteers to promote the event and support everyone involved.