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My wish to attend the special Olympics

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And the winner is......

This is Muhammad, he is 9yrs old, he has down syndrome but is never down. He loves sports and Hussain bolt. I always encourage him to participate and he never misses school on Fridays because that's sport day. I recently learnt about Special Olympics (from CNN), we watched the MENA Games and he was interested. We have started saving and praying to attend next year in Abu Dhabi UAE (Insha Allah). I know he will be excited to see all the amazing sports men and women. Maybe one day he will represent his country and carry the flag.

Till then he will keep running and being special.

About Me:

I gave birth to Muhammad at the age of 25 and he is my first born. I was so sad about it and was at the verge of depression when his doctor then—who is now like a father to us—told me, "God knew you wanted someone special and he gave you someone special. Now you have to decide what you do with him." That was the turning point, I finished my degree in human anatomy, went back for my MSC and did my research on anthropometric and dermatogyphics, the study of children with down syndrome. I have recently started a support group for mother's with special needs kids and encourage them to involve them in sports.