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No borders. No boundaries. No language barriers

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No borders. No boundaries. No barriers
I'm in Australia from the US for a short period of time, sort of a transplant. I have been involved with Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run back home for many many years. I had the privilege to run in the past week the Torch Run from Sydney to Newcastle for the Asia Pacific Games. The Final Leg team consisted of 3 teams made up of Officers from all over Australia, New Zealand and an American. In Newcastle we're joined by Officers from Hong Kong. Our 3 Special Olympics athletes taught us perseverence, determination, courage and most importantly friendship has no borders, no boundaries, no barriers. This child in the photo couldn't hold the Torch, yet his smile when I held his hand on it did. Final Leg was an experience that will last a lifetime.The welcome in each town along the way, the greetings by the Athletes as we arrived at opening ceremonies was so moving, I cannot put it into words. I have a wonderful memory of Lucy teaching me the butterfly stroke. Thank you for the memories

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Torch Run for many years. Federal law enforcement