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Nothing Will Dampen the Spirit of Team Australia

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Team Australia in training camp for the Special Olympics World Summer Games 2015.
Even a tropical cyclone couldn’t dampen the spirits of Team Australia when they gathered for a team training camp to prepare for LA2015. Despite lashing rain, severe wind and flash flooding almost all 76 athletes and 29 officials made it to camp to train across 12 sports. With outdoor venues closed, creative indoor training solutions were needed. So the tennis players set up a net in the carpark, our golfers headed off to the local putt-putt golf centre and the sailors held activities in the pool alongside our swim squad, which included first-time Australian representative Alannah McKeown from Victoria. Prior to camp Alannah had been struggling with her tumble-turn so she was really hoping to improve her skills at camp. Much to the delight of her team-mates and coach she did. Alannah says, ‘I love the things that I can learn to do with Special Olympics Australia and it makes me feel very proud and emotional to be swimming for Australia.’ Watch out world Team Australia are on the way!

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