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In the world of eye care, there are many ways to give back to the community. An opportunity that came my way was the Opening Eyes program at the Special Olympics which is supported by the Lions Clubs International Foundation, Essilor Vision Foundation, boc instruments, Safilo and Golisano Foundation. The program was an amazing experience for me as a student optometrist. I was able to apply my knowledge and skills to help screen the huge number of athletes partaking in various games for which clear vision is vital. The outstanding team of volunteers provided efficient but thorough screening of the athletes' eyes. There were challenges and moments of enjoyment that were embraced by both athletes and volunteers. The athletes received a free pair of sunglasses to help protect their eyes from sun damage. It was a vital learning experience for me as I was able to improve my clinical skills to examine the anterior structures of the eye. I would encourage other students to be involved in the future.

About Me:

I am an optometry student at Deakin University. As a future optometrist, I aim to gain a variety of experience prior to graduation in order to be a better skilled and experienced optometrist. I am involved in various organisations including Vision Australia, Fred Hollows Foundation, Institute of Urban Indigenous Health and The Australian Red Cross to fulfill this goal. In future I plan to continue my work in programs like the Opening Eyes Athlete Screening and look forward to any other opportunities.