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Our basketball season was a sucess

My name is Lee Blakeman. I play for the Arlington Blue senior basketball team. This was my first time playing basketball with Special Olympics and the first time in 40 years I played competitive basketball. It was a rewarding experience. I thought I was too old to play basketball as I am 56 years old but over the course of the season I learned differently. The team I played on Arlington Blue won our division in our basketball tournament last weekend at Marymount University. I was privileged to play with a group of basketball players on my team that helped inspire me to do my best. I am looking forward to hopefully defending our title next season. I start Special Olympics Bowling in a few weeks and I am also planning of trying soccer (football as they say in Europe) this fall.

About Me:

My name is Lee S Blakeman I have been involved with Special Olympics for 24 seasons mostly in bowling, winning 18 gold medals but have recently expanded into other sports. I am from Area 26 in Northern Virginia in the United States.