People of All Abilities Can Succeed

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My life and that of my family changed when we found Special Olympics. I had been playing junior competition tennis in my local area but was finding it difficult to compete with people smarter than me. Now I can play the game I love and enjoy it with people just like me. With the help of my coach I have become a better player. I have learnt more shot selections, better decision making on the court and better fitness. I am now more confident in my own ability – and I feel better for it. Being in Special Olympics has shown me that people of all abilities can succeed if given the right help. It has inspired me to achieve my coaching certificate – it was hard work but I got there. I can now give back to Special Olympics by teaching young beginner athletes to play tennis and show them that they can enjoy tennis just like me. On the tennis court I have to compete with male athletes. It has taught me that I have just as much ability as men, so I see no reason to stop more women taking on leadership roles – after all our Australian CEO is a woman.

About Me:

I am a Special Olympics Australia tennis player and coach.