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I am a cyclist so decided to show my skills to public to change their mindsets about intellectual disability. The Khunjerab Pass is the highest border-crossing in the world. Five tunnels with a distance of 7 kilometers are named as Pakistan-China Friendship tunnels. All my years with Special Olympics Pakistan Friendship have been the centered point of my success as earlier I was unable to make friendship with others so lacked in confidence. In my childhood, I visited this place had no fun but this time the story was changed and I had a feeling of accomplishment for all of us!!

I am the first Special Olympics cyclist to cross these tunnels. On the way to Khunjerab it is tough for the cyclist because of high altitude. I overcame the lack of oxygen because of my regular training and so was comfortable to cycle for 3 kilometers to reach the top. This proves people with intellectual disability with the help of proper training can develops stronger muscles and bones and can live a happier life.

About Me:

My name is Muhammad Haseeb Abbasi, athlete leader and a cyclist from Special Olympics Pakistan. Cycling is my passion and I love to cycle around visiting new places. I do my training and enjoy my weekend rides with other cycling groups in Islamabad.