Rob Vanoudenhoven visits Unified Cooking

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Rob Vanoudenhoven and Viki Geunes
Celebrity Ambassador to the Games Rob Vanoudenhoven paid a visit to the Olympic Town in Antwerp. There he met top chef Viki Geunes. “There exists a similarity between the sports field and the kitchen. Both in the field and kitchen you work in a team and it really satisfies you when you obtain a great result," said Geunes. “Lots of people tend to turn heads when they see someone with an intellectual or physical disability. It happens too often that people with a disability are trying to prove what they cannot do, instead of focusing on the things they can do," Vanoudenhoven says. Rob Vanoudenhoven wants to make a warm appeal to everybody: “It is now time for absolute inclusion and acceptance of people with an intellectual disability in our society. When do people with a disability get their chance? Media attention for Unified Cooking is great, but it can be better! It has to become a way of living."

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