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Robert Lives His Dream

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Robert is a Special Olympics athlete who's played three sports that are his favorites, softball, skiing and swimming. Skiing this year would be his best year . He was competing in a ski jumpsuit. Lots of people said he was interesting to watch. Lots of people shake his hand. He's been with Special Olympics 12 years. In softball, Robert has won two home runs derby trophy from regionals in Special Olympics . And he is an out of the park home run hitter. He likes his friends and playing with them. He had a strained rotator cuff playing in the game, but got right back up and continued. Swimming is his most favorite sport. In 2014 he got disqualified in the 50 butterfly with a one handed touch . Then in 2015, he returned and he came back to swim it and it takes a heart from decanted swimmer. That's why I want you to hear this story of a man and athlete who beats the odds and lives his dream. Robert has learned some athletes need a gold medal championship to make them stay to the top. But he doesn't need it. He's a champion with the gold medal or without.

About Me:

Robert my son I have seen him grow into the man I never thought he be the sportsmanship learning how to understand the other athletes I love him so much.