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Running Unified for a "truly enjoyable 42.195km"

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Kosuke Ide (right) together with his running partner Junya Nishi, at the Osaka Marathon in October 2013.
Special Olympics Nippon athlete Kosuke Ide completed his second marathon in Osaka last year, thanks to consistent training and support from his local running club. Each athlete is paired with a partner, ensuring the athlete's condition and running pace is monitored during the run. Kosuke’s partner is Mr. Junya Nishi, a Special Olympics Nippon volunteer. Mr. Nishi’s biggest motivation is seeing an athlete’s growth in sport, unleashing his capabilities. Despite his busy work schedule, Mr. Nishi made time to train with Kosuke, for both athlete and partner to get used to each other. On Kosuke’s performance, Mr. Nishi was thrilled: “We ran toward the goal with Kosuke. We were teammates. It was a truly enjoyable 42.195km.” As for Kosuke, he wants to attempt another race in 2014.

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