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Scientific Symposium Celebrates Role of Games in Making the Unseen Seen

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“Play is where fundamental changes can take place” urged SO Chairman Tim Shriver calling for more inclusive sports training and unified experiences for young people in schools.
Sport and play as powerful vehicle for reducing the social exclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in communities was strongly promoted at the Scientific Symposium of the 2014 Special Olympics European Summer Games taking place in Antwerp, Belgium today (Monday, September 15th). The Special Olympics European Summer Games currently taking place in Antwerp with 2,000 athletes from 58 countries competing in 10 sports over one week, was highlighted as a strong example of how people with intellectual disabilities can take a more visible role in our communities. Speaking at the Symposium Dr. Timothy P. Shriver, Chairman of Special Olympics International said: “Children learn through play. They learn about same and different. We as educators have underestimated and undervalued sports and play as fundamental learning experiences to further include people with intellectual disabilities.”

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