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Ski Camp in Zapone gave important life lesson

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Thank you to all the organisers!
This year, me and my son, Alexander, took part for the first time at an event organized by Special Olympics in ski camp at Zakopane – Poland. Here we learnt that being different does not mean better or less good, but simply different. The fact that Alexander was able to put the skis on his feet, like any other child, that he was excited about the snow, the air, the move was for us the best gift for the Christmas holidays. Not athletic performance gave necessarily the measure of this project, but the human performance of organizers and volunteers who have been with the children on the sky slope and activities room. Encouragement and support received by the children, they offered them invaluable support to move forward and to overcome limitations. Each day spent in the camp was a life lesson for all present and we hope to be for all who learn about this wonderful project. I've learned that love and understanding is the universal language, no matter what country you live.

About Me:

I am a father of Special Olympics young athlete Alexander.