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Special Olympics 50th. Anniversary story-Above and Beyond, Special Olympics Pioneers

On July 31, 2009, 15 days before Eunice Kennedy Shriver left the world from all of us, two married Special Olympics couples from Montvale, New Jersey made a major breakthrough in providing inclusion and unified sports outside the Special Olympics realm. Linda Coston and her husband Stephen Coston were the only two Special Olympics Bowlers competing in another amateur event called the State Games of America against 200 other amateur bowlers across the USA. The moment occurred at Colorado Springs. CO. They won the Silver Medal in the top 5 finalist in the stepladder finals. The biggest dramatic moment that shocked 200 other amateur bowlers across the USA was witnessing Stephen Coston scoring 11 consecutive strikes for a 290 game. His highest game in a lifetime. He was given a trophy plaque from the United States Bowling Congress. A very high honor award ever given to a Special Olympics Athlete overall. This is the breakthrough for Special Olympics Athletes nationwide.

About Me:

Stephen and Linda Coston live in Montvale, NJ. They been married for 10 years. They made a breakthrough again in the 2011 State Games of America in San Diego, California. The hard earned money they sacrificed without any sponsors or grants. Stephen won the Gold Medal for a 237 score and his wife Linda won another Silver Medal and a Bronze. They fulfilled the vision of one of Eunice Shriver's speeches. (THE RIGHT YOU HAVE IN ANY PLAYING FIELD, YOU HAVE EARNED IT!) It is time to open the doors for other amateur sports programs to provide the same opportunities for Special Olympics Athletes to participate as well as compete. Linda Coston will be participating in the 2018 Special Olympics USA games in Seattle Washington. Representing Team NJ in Bocce.