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Special Olympics Cayman Islands Engages Athletes and Families at Healthy Athletes Day

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A clinician examines Kanza Bodden during Healthy Athletes Day. Bodden is a dedicated aquatics athlete, and her competition experience includes the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens, Greece. In addition to her involvement with Special Olympics, Bodden also has many other interests including horseback riding, acting and working at a pre-school.
In celebration of Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day, Special Olympics Cayman Islands held a Healthy Athletes Day and Family Health Forum on 5 October 2013. Clinicians from Fit Feet, Healthy Hearing, Health Promotion and Special Smiles examined 43 athletes, including 11 Young Athletes. At the event, Special Olympics Cayman Islands noted a significant increase in the number of family members and caregivers attending the Healthy Athletes clinics - nearly 60 percent of parents or guardians accompanied athletes to each clinic at the event.

“One of the reasons we pair the Families Forum with Healthy Athletes is to get the parents much more involved in the assessment of their athletes so we are very pleased to see that we are having some success in that area. This means that parents and other caregivers interact directly with the clinicians, asking questions and getting information and that in turn translates to better follow-up and after care,” said Antoinette Johnson of Special Olympics Cayman Islands. “We were also very excited about getting so many wee ones into the programme as early intervention is so important!”

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