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Special Olympics South Africa launches first ever Funeral Policy for our athletes

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Finrite and Bryte insurance were excited about partnering with Special Olympics South Africa, because of the love they have for the work done by Special Olympics and their admiration for our amazing athletes. We are extremely proud of this product and we know that it will be of great benefit to all in our Special Olympics South Africa family.The goal of this product is to ensure that members of this policy have low monthly premiums that provides R10 000 cover for them and their family, care givers and dependents.

We as SOSA realise that there are so many challenges that our athletes face on a daily basis. One of the biggest challenges is lack of employment and the resultant limited income that they receive from government grants. We sat with some of our athletes to see what some of the essential items where that they felt were critical to their well-being. One expense that was raised was the importance of a funeral policy to cover themselves and their families. We were very fortunate to meet with Finrite and Bryte Insurance.

In partnership with both of these incredible companies we embarked on journey to design a product specifically formulated for the athletes of Special Olympics South Africa. What was so important was that Finrite and Bryte insurance took their time in assessing the needs of our athletes and understood that family is not necessarily related by blood in the Special Olympics South Africa environment.

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