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Stars of the Basketball Court

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Special Olympics Lithuania athletes had a blast during the basketball tournament that took place in Kaunas city for European Basketball Week 2017.

Special Olympics Lithuania athlete Tomas Povilaukas was among the 120 athletes shining on the basketball courts of Arvydas Sabonis’ Sports Centre during the final event of the European Basketball Week 2017 in Lithuania. Athletes competed in 5x5 and 3x3 Unified basketball as well as mini basketball at the tournament hosted in Kaunas City. When asked about his basketball journey, Tomas said “when my coach encouraged me to get involved with basketball initially, I wasn’t very interested. Now, playing basketball makes me very happy. Each time, I can’t wait to win a medal that I can later show to my friends. The atmosphere for the tournament was amazing. I hope I will get to participate in next year’s tournament as well. Everyone who participated was so happy. We all felt like the big stars on the court. It is not every day that we get to participate in this kind of a big competition.” The event was a huge success with 120 athletes leaving the courts with huge smiles on their face.

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