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Sweet Success in Virginia

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Lukas' Lemonade Stand

You're not seeing double.

There are two heroic boys named Lukas wearing shades in this photo. They are both surrounded by friends and a real twin sister. But only one Lukas can serve you ice cold lemonade. The other Lukas is a superman costume wearing flat replica of the real Lukas, who also happens to have super powers to win hearts and sell mass quantities of lemonade to benefit Special Olympics!

Lukas, his sister and his friends raised $70 in just one afternoon and donated the funds to Special Olympics Virginia.

If Lukas looks familiar to you, you may have seen him (and his "flat" replica) on promotional trading cards at TD Bank locations in Virginia or on the Dulles Day Plane Pull Festival website. Or he may have sold you lemonade last weekend!

Thanks, Lukas.

About Me:

I am Vice President of Development and Communications at Special Olympics Virginia.


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