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Table Tennis Newcomers Put in Top Peformance

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Our table tennis champs. Photo: Special Olympics Australia.
Despite table tennis not being offered as an official Special Olympics sport in Australia, a small team of four Aussie athletes took on the challenge to contest one of the most popular sports at the Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games. Kate Juillerat, Brendon March, Cassie Bonomo and Ashley Parrott, all from Queensland, astounded the crowd with their level of skill and hard work. The entire squad played in the top division in their respective sections, pulling in a plethora of 4 gold, 5 silver and 3 bronze medals by the end of the week. Kate later said that her favorite part of the Games was not winning 'all the sparkling treasures', but instead ‘meeting foreign teams and Australia fans’ with Brendon enthusiastically agreeing with her thoughts. Ashley was particularly thrilled to walk away with gold against the Indian team and said, ‘I feel really proud of my achievements’…and so you should. Well done our to our table tennis champs.

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