They Picked Me

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Robbie Streeting with his dad Mark Streeting at the cricket competition for the Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games.
Earlier this year our two eldest sons Matthew and Robbie received letters in the mail from Special Olympics Australia. With great excitement Robbie opened his letter and he could hardly contain his joy as he had me read his letter to him. He had been selected to represent Australia at the Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games. Matthew opened his letter quietly with shaking hands. Softly the words 'they picked me' where spoken with wonderment and joy. The journey from that day to today when we find ourselves in the middle of the competition has been exciting, tiring, challenging but most of all inclusive. In a world where rejection is more common than acceptance, Special Olympics has allowed both my sons to feel that they are good enough to represent their country and be part of an amazing event. I thank all the coaches, volunteers and staff of Special Olympics Australia who have been part of their journey from the beginning. Thank you Special Olympics.

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