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Unified Floorball Demo teaches a Valuable Lesson

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Special Olympics Czech Republic Unified Floorball teams Benesov and Sedlec compete a demo match at the IFF Women's World Floorball Championships.
1:0 was the final score of the exciting Special Olympics Unified Floorball demonstration game which took place during the International Floorball Federation World’s Women Championships in Brno Arena in the Czech Republic on December 8th. This was the first time for a Unified Floorball match to be played in Brno and the spectators were not disappointed with the competitive spirit and fair play between the two teams Benesov and Sedlec. Both teams are trained under Head Coach Stanislav Urban. “We are thrilled to showcase the talents and skills of Special Olympics athletes during one of the top events on of the year on the world floorball calendar” said Merita Braun, Information and Anti-doping Manager at the International Floorball Federation. “In such tense situations like a World Championship where there is a lot at stake, Special Olympics athletes remind us of the joy in game of floorball and the friendships to be made.”

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I am Information and Anti-doping Manager for the International Floorball Federation.


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