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Unified Track: Breaking Down Barriers, Together

230x300 David Albertini
David Albertini, a Unified Sports partner in Massachusetts.
Having unified track at our school last year was really fun -- it was amazing to see all of the athletes at Lunenburg High School running on the same track. While we may be all of different speeds and skill levels, we were all athletes and we were all looking to compete. There were no labels on anyone except for their lane numbers. This is something anyone would appreciate, runner or not. I have to admit that I was uncertain as to how this whole thing would work out, but after the first practice I realized we had a lot more in common that I thought. We were all athletes and wanted to get better and win. At the final meet at the end of the season with all the unified track teams, it was hot out and on an artificial turf surface, but it was so much fun to see every person on that track trying their best. There is something to be said about people who try their best and are proud of it. I think a lot of misconceptions and barriers came down during that meet.

About Me:

Starting senior year at Lunbenburg High School, Massachusetts, looking back on my first experiences with the power of Unified Sports.