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Unified in One Goal

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Special Olympics Global Ambassadors Dikembe Mutombo and Sam Perkins traded their basketballs for hockey sticks today at the Unified Sports® Floor Hockey Experience at Kwondong University in Gangneung, Korea. For the pair, the actions may differ from their usual dribbles and freethrows, but the teamwork and camaraderie on the floor hockey court remains the same, as Special Olympics athletes and partners passed and shot goals with great intensity. Mutombo was thrilled with the matches, playing with athletes from Korea, China, India, Venezuela and Argentina. “It was my first time seeing this game, it was new to me, I was a bit tired, and then I got used to it. I have a first cousin with a learning disability, so it’s a great honor to be here.” “This was like an all-star game but there are Special Olympics Unified Sports everywhere. Wherever we play, it is with one purpose and one goal, to come together.”

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