What Special Olympics has Given to Athletes

When my son joined Special Olympics 12 years ago, he had only one co-athlete with his father as a coach. Our swimming program became larger and larger. It is a great joy to see athletes who are now practicing hard and waiting patiently. All the family encourages the athletes together. When they make progress, however small it may be, we share the joy. It takes much time, but athletes grow up. Remembering 12 years ago, I realize how much effort we have made. I want to say, “Practice really makes perfect.”

My son joins the program after his job. For him Special Olympics is where he feels comfortable and can enjoy helping other younger athletes. By being given an opportunity, athletes keep going forward slowly but steadily toward their goals, and give a present of touching moment to people around them. In Special Olympics athletes can work on their skills with confidence and comfort.

I hope all the athletes and people around keep enlarging the circle of SO, giving smiles and strong impressions to many more people.

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I am a member of Family Committee.