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35 Botswana athlete leaders receive HIV/AIDS education

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Special Olympics Botswana, with the assistance of Sports Director Mr. Tebogo Ditlhokwa, partnered with the Ministry of Health to host an Athlete Leadership Programs (ALPs) training to educate Special Olympics athlete leaders about HIV/AIDS. Ms. Kabo Ngombe, a health officer with the Ministry of Health, conducted the training. She was amazed by how knowledgeable the athletes were regarding HIV/AIDS. The leaders who were trained will join Ms. Ngombe to help educate more athletes as part of a drive to create awareness on the HIV/AIDS health pandemic. This initiative was taken by the program in an effort to educate athletes about HIV/AIDS and also to educate them on their rights and sexual abuse. HIV/AIDS was placed firmly on the agenda during the recent Special Olympics African Leaders Forum on Disability hosted by the Malawi Government.

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