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A Grand Slam day for Special Olympics Hungary

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Professional player Zsofia Gubacsi and a Special Olympics Hungary tennis player Tünde Varga celebrate success at the net. Gubascsi was No. 76 in the Women’s Professional Tennis Ranking (2002), twenty-five times a Fed Cup player, and twice Women’s Tennis Association Tour champion.
It was a Grand Slam for Special Olympics Hungary and the tournament it organized on 15 June 2014 as part of the first Special Olympics European Tennis Day. Held in Budapest, Special Olympics tennis players joined six internationally known national champions, Davis and Fed Cup players, and Olympians on court. Star players Gergely Kisgyörgy, Gábor Köves, László Markovits, Zsófia Gubacsi, Anikó Kapros and Agnes Szavay, who is a Special Olympics Hungary ambassador, jumped at the chance to pass on their skills, knowledge and passion to enthusiastic Special Olympics players. Tennis ball “pings” and “thuds” were mixed with laughter and happy chatter from participants. The “come and try events” followed by “play and stay” were spirited, wonderfully colorful and fun. The day ended on a perfect note with singer Anita, another Special Olympics Hungary ambassador, giving a concert. Special Olympics Hungary will host a regional tennis seminar 3-5 October 2014.

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Martha Jo Braycich is Director, Organizational Development, Foundations and Public Institutions at Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia.