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A Very Special Christmas for 1500 Special Athletes

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Athletes arriving at amusement park.
On 12 December, 1,500 children and young people with intellectual disabilities met in Vulcano Park for an unforgettable day , as all of them were participants in the famous Christmas entertainment " A Special Christmas" Special Olympics Ecuador . Athletes from several institutions had a very emotional morning where Vulcano Park amusement park was just for them from 08.00 am. They came with a smile that will not be removed until 12h00 when returned to their institutions. Everyone enjoyed free games, got a snack, a bag of candy and shared with a large group of volunteers from universities and a group of sponsors such as: Yanbal , CNT , Sony, TVentas ,Cooperativa October 29 , Gatorade and Government of Pichincha . It certainly was an unforgettable day where there was no shortage of guest artists and TV personalities who joined and shared a day where the meaning of Christmas saw ... SHARE !

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Crazy about Special Olympics, starteds to volunteer when I was 13, now I proudly manage the marketing and comuunications area of Special OLympics Ecuador


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