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A Very Special Week: From the Eye of a Witness

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"Thank You Mum"- Special Olympics Bahrain Mrs.Ezan and Tarek
For three days Special Olympics Bahrain organized many activities that foster inclusion: youth, families, volunteers and young athletes. In one public school Wael, Special Olympics Bahrain youth leader, introduced high school students to youth activation, with r-word 2 days campaign held in the city center attracting ~ 7000 likes. Afternoon session thanks to Maasouma & Zouheir, volunteers were introduced to Special Olympics. For parents’ reunion, Eman invited 3 parents to speak about their experience to raise a child with intellectual disability. What was striking is the positive vibes spread around: no complaints just a free spirit to build on” know how”. “Thank you mum” Special Olympics Bahrain campaign is launched on social media (thumb up Ehdaa). Thanks to Hayat & Noof, Young Athletes had their demonstration with parents as coach. Thanks to Abdullah, Athletes leaders are trained on life skills: communication, leadership.. they will receive their athlete leadership diploma. Inspiring closing with volunteers. Without their commitment none of the above could have been achieved. Two goals are defined: fortify US and form a committee.

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