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Athlete Health Corner: Jonathan Doring Gets Fit For Sport

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In July 2010, I learned that I had been chosen to play tennis as a member of Team USA at the World Games in Athens, Greece in 2011. I wanted to do my very best and represent my country well. I began training regularly by playing tennis two or three times a week, exercising and watching my diet. I worked hard for almost a year and won the Gold Medal. After returning from World Games, Nancy Sawyer [of Special Olympics Florida] asked me to become part of the Healthy Lifestyle Program and I became an athlete health coach. Then in March of 2012, Nancy sent me the information about the President’s Challenge [now called SO Get Fit for Sport]. My dad and I joined right away. After winning a PALA certificate, I kept going. I have won Bronze, Silver and Gold so far and will get to Platinum. My dad exercises with me and has reached the Gold medal level, too.

About Me:

Athlete leader in Florida