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Atletas Celebran El Dia Internacional de las Personas con Discapacidad

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On Friday November 22 and Saturday 23 Nino Durler , Wendy Cardoza , Alexander Castillo and Jaime Trigueros, our athletes and program leaders attended training workshop on Rights of Persons with Disabilities, in which issues such as the global situation of discrimination against persons with disability, the role of people with disabilities , human rights and rights of persons with disabilities; legal capacity and the impact on society were addressed. The workshop, in its last meeting held on Monday December 2nd current leaders discussed with other athletes what they learned at the workshop. On December 3rd , in El Salvador and the world celebrate the Day of People with Disabilities. Definitely a day of reflection to make society more aware of the rights , needs and opportunities for people with disabilities , thus justifying measures to remove all obstacles.

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