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Bosnian National Director to lead sports initiative for women

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Kada Delić Selimović, National Director, Special Olympics Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Years of work with Special Olympics, combined with her extensive sports experience, gave Kada Delic Selimovic proof of the power of sports to unite people and overcome prejudice. She will draw on her experience as she takes a lead role within the Women’s Alternative Government, a high-profile civic engagement project in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Delic Selimovic, who is National Director of the Special Olympics Program in in Bosnia and Herzegovina, will spearhead the project’s efforts to set goals for women’s sports and fight against gender discrimination. “Sports has potential for personal development and creating bonds of friendship, solidarity and belonging that transcend differences, binding us together as human beings,” said Delić Selimović, a highly respected sportswoman. She is ex-champion and recorder holder in the former Yugoslavia in the 3000 m, 5000 m and 10000 m walk. She participated in Olympic Games as a competitor and coach and is a recipient of the European Athletics Women’s Leadership Award.

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