Bringing Safer Water to Families in Malawi

Families in three major areas of Malawi will receive water transport and water security supplies as part of a new partnership between the government of Malawi, Special Olympics Malawi and PackH2O. Families in Salima, Nkata Bay and Mchinji will get the supplies and training on how to use them in community forums. PackH2O provides waterproof backpacks that allow clean water to be carried more easily and securely than in buckets and jerry cans. The initiative is designed to empower families and entire communities to utilize new tools to ensure safer water transport and water security. Through the support of the Malawi Ministry of Disability, and leading development agencies like UNICEF, Special Olympics Malawi successfully delivered 150 water backpacks to families, while providing important health education on safe drinking water, disease prevention, and more. Special Olympics and PackH2O are keen to provide continuity of services and supplies to Kenya and Malawi, while expanding into more countries both in Africa and other regions. This project and others throughout Africa are the products of an African Leaders Forum on Disability held earlier this year in Malawi. That forum brought together Special Olympics with leaders of governments and aid agencies throughout Africa.

About Me:

I am the Vice President of Global Development and Government Relations at Special Olympics.