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Exciting Jewish Wedding in Israel, for Yael and Gilad

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Yael had had many beaus, but she understood that she will not be able to go out with “regular” boys and she set herself a mission to find a partner who will suit her expectations.She went into the “Introductions” website for people with various disabilities and began corresponding with Gilad. Yael was thrilled by his photograph and,with our consent of course,contacted him and they began dating. They lived with us for nearly two years. Then they moved into a Special Needs Community Residence,and decided to get married.The wedding was a formal affair with a Rabbi officiating and the glass goblet being crushed by the groom under the Chupa – the ceremonial canopy. Before the wedding Yael,like every bride, was instructed on the intricacies of marriage.The Rabbi was extremely kind and conducted the ceremony graciously.it was very exciting. Yael and Gilad are both Special Olympics 10 Pin Bowlers.They play together, compete against each other and enjoy it all immensely.

About Me:

Tali Kornhauser, Special Olympics family coordinator, shared this story on behalf of Yael's mother, Rachel.