Eyal Damari is a Bowling Phenomenon

300x200 Eyal Bowler
My 15-year-old son Eyal Damari is a Special Olympics bowling player. Eyal bowls every Sunday in Modeiing Sunday Night Bowling League. Every Monday Eyal bowls in Petah Tikva with his bowling coach, Gadi Aviram. His team was in first place out of 24 teams in the Special Olympics Unified League in Israel in the 2013-14 season. The Unified League pairs a Special Olympics bowler with an adult bowler from the Israel Bowling Federation. In two months Eyal will start the the national youth bowling league of the I.B.F. Here's a quote from the Modiein info newspaper in the "Local Sports Report " by David Nachenberg: Bowling Banter: The regular season of the Modi'in Sunday Night Bowling League has ended. Five of the ten teams will be in the top playoff bracket and the other five will be in the bottom group. They will bowl three sessions (9 games), and on July 20, there will be a champion in each division. On June 22, only two bowlers rolled a deuce--14 1/2 year old Eyal Damari had a 201 and Moshe Gabai had a 211. On June 29, the scores proved that bowling is for the young, and the not-so-young, and for men and women alike. Eyal Damari was in the zone and rolled a bunch of strikes and made all his spares to top all the bowlers in the league with a personal- best 246! Yehuda Kaplinsky, the most Senior bowler in the league, in his late 60s, was on the mark with a 233. Ziva Gur led all the women bowlers in the league with a 210. In the same game, her teammate Itamar Paz rolled a 204. Other bowlers to top the 200 plateau included: Naftali Zilber - 205, Reuven Ovadia - 204, Yossi Meni - 201. Here the results of Eyal's games last week and last Sunday on the league: 247, 225, 225

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About DAMARI AMNON: I am 56 years old married and have 3 kids 2 of them in the I.D.F I am working in I.A.I since I retired from the AIR FORCE I love to play bowling .My son Eyal study in modiien "gvanim" high school A school for special education and special needs students and all the time I am telling to my son don’t give up that’s why I teach to play bowling since he was 6 years old .