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Family Health Forum Helps A Mother Appreciate Her Son

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Thato's mother: Nkadimeng Magret(in pink turban).
A Family Health Forum event was held on the 7 September 2013 at Epilepsy SA Elandsdoorn in Dennilton with approximately 45 family members & athlete leaders attending the event. Special Olympics athletes often struggle to get support from families because family members do not understand what intellectual disability is. Nkadimeng Magret is a perfect example of how a lack of understanding can be remedied. Nkadimeng admits to being harsh on her son simply because she did not understand his intellectual disability. At first she thought Thato was “pretending.” “I struggled to understand Thato," she said, and "wondered why I had to struggle with my son.” She added that:”I was not aware and I always deprived my son, but from today I learnt that I have to give Thato a chance and also listen to him.” Nkadimeng sacrificed going to her other son’s graduation in order to attend the forum. She went to the event for her last born and she does not regret her decision. Now Nkadimeng wants to share all the knowledge that she absorbed with her family. Nkadimeng thanks Special Olympics South Africa for helping her appreciate her son and putting her heart at ease.

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