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Finding Special Olympics Meant Finding Focus For 8-Year-Old

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Vincent proudly displays his gold medal in standing long jump!
“Never give up” is one phrase we’ve all heard time and time again. For some people, it’s just three simple words, but for others it’s so much more. One up and coming athlete has conquered the impossible and continues to do so every single day. Hitting the track in his very first Special Olympics North Carolina Summer Games, 8 year-old Vincent Troche from Mecklenburg County was turning heads in this year’s athletics competition! Vincent isn’t your average cartoon-watching child. Sports are what caught his attention at young age. He loves to watch ESPN and enjoys watching lacrosse games on Youtube. “Vincent has always loved sports, but we didn’t know if he would be able to find a sport he could call his own,” Vincent’s dad Michael Troche said. Difficulties with muscle movement prevented Vincent from playing baseball and basketball. However, fear soon turned to admiration when Vincent decided to take his grandmother’s advice and participate in Special Olympics Mecklenburg County track and field. His family has been amazed by his success.

About Me:

I am the Special Olympics North Carolina communications intern. I really enjoyed meeting Vincent and his family and wish him the best of luck!


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