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Girl Scout Troop Adopts Special Olympics Texas Team

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Girl Scouts of northeast Texas selected Special Olympics Texas as the focus of its Silver Award Service Project! The Dallas troop adopted the Notre Dame Saints and Stars Volleyball Team and educated the group about the importance of nutrition and exercise. Kristen Hyman and Ciara Quinn led the project. Hyman and Quinn showed members of the delegation how to stretch, shared volleyball tips and also provided the team with a brochure about healthy choices. Each athlete received a basket full of healthy snacks, as well as a teddy bear and a personalized mini volleyball. Hyman and Quinn also learned some very valuable lessons during their project. "I learned that having a disability does not affect who you are as a person," said Hyman. "They may think differently, but they are the same people on the inside. I learned to be proud of any accomplishment. The special needs kids showed me how happy they can be when they learn to serve the volleyball or hit a return. "

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