Icing on the cake

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Sivan, our precious daughter is an excellent swimmer and folding parachutes in the army. Sivan is currently finishing two years of regular service in Tel Nof base, Sivan will continue to work in the army as a civilian employee, and she is the success of our pride. Sivan is a veteran swimmer medals, she has been in Special Olympics international games in Berlin, Shanghai and Athens. Sivan practicing religiously swimming in Specials Olympics community center Ramat Eliyahu Rishon Lezion, and wins praise for its achievements. Last farmers market in the Kibbutz was held here in which Sivn had booth sales revenues were NIS 400. Sivan wanted to donate to the families of Specials Olympics to continue the unforgettable experiences together, a small contribution spend big Congratulations Sivan! As parents, what could we ask for more?! Sivan lives with us at Kibbutz Givat Brenner and causes us much pride. Graciela and Omri , Sivan's parents

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