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In Thailand, A Dedicated Mother, Coach and Teacher

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Warunee Soi-in
Warunee Soi-in, 56, began working as a volunteer for Special Olympics Thailand in almost a decade ago. A teacher in Jed-yod Temple school, a local integrated school on the outskirts of Chiangmai city, Warunee has a number of special needs students in her care. Her athletes regularly participate in Unified Football, Bocce, Swimming, Athletics and Table tennis at Special Olympics Thailand competitions. Three of her athletes qualified to represent Special Olympics Thailand at the 2013 Special Olympics Regional Asia-Pacific Games. A breast cancer survivor and mother to a son with an intellectual disability, Warunee’s dedication to Special Olympics as a volunteer and coach shows through her compassion and enthusiasm in fulfilling multiple roles as a mother, mentor, coach, volunteer and friend.

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I am the Director of Global Media and Public Relations for Special Olympics